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Sunday, November 02, 2003
Message to Readers
If you came here from "Evil Monkeys," you should know that this blog makes a little bit more sense, but not much. Enjoy.
Printer Paranoia
Customer opinion survey from the Laserwrkx USA site:

1. First Name: Raymond

2. Last Name: Luxury-Yacht

3. Company Name: Prawn Salad, Ltd.

4. Job Title: Animal Strangler

5. Street: Ulverston Road

6. City: That one with the big buildings

7. State: Confusion

8. Zip: Hey, that reminds me, my fly is open...

9. Business Phone: I threw it out the window because it was listening to my private conversations.

10. Fax: Dumped hot coffee on it, use it as a paperweight now.

11. Email Address: How do you email a dress?

12. Website Address (URL):

13. Feedback: I think you're watching me while I sleep. Are you watching me while I sleep? GET OUT OF MY HEAD!

14. How did you hear about us? The gnomes whispered it in my ear.

15. How would you rate our level of service,1 thru 10, with 1 being the poorest of service and 10 being the highest? 11, because I like Spinal Tap.

16. Did your cartridge arrive in a timely fashion? No, it arrived in a cardboard box.

17. Were you 100% satisfied with the performance of the cartridge/drum unit you purchased from us? If not, please tell us why: No. The dang thing wouldn't keep quiet. I had to shoot it with a stun gun to get it to go to sleep...oh, wait, that was my pet hamster. Yeah, the cartridge was fine.

18. Did you find the print/copy quality to be at least as 'good as' or better than a new OEM cartridge/drum unit? Well, it was good quality, but it kept printing out the wrong words. I typed a letter to my mother, and it printed out as "Satan wants you to kill your parents." Then the lights went out!

19. How would you rate our pricing structure? By assigning it a number proportional to my level of satisfaction with it. Man, you people are dumb.

20. In your opinion, what can we do to serve our customers better? Free hats. You need to give people a free hat with every purchase. And it has to have tinfoil lining so the government can't steal my thoughts.

21. Would you recommend LaserWrkx,USA to your business associates or friends? If I trusted them enough to talk to them, I would. Unfortunately, they always look at me all cockeyed just because I live in a bunker. What's wrong with that?

22. When you need Imaging Cartridges in the future will you purchase them from LaserWrkx,USA again? You tell me. You're the ones that can predict the future and prevent crime from happening. Frickin' precogs.

This has been another fun form from Form Fun (say that three times fast). See you next time.

Friday, October 31, 2003
Biased College Classes

-Name: Friederich Barricuddy
-E-mail Address: moc.loa@em
  (Please use an email address you check frequently)
-College or University: Crazy Go Nuts University
  (Official name, no abbreviations)
-Course Number: WTD 103
-Course Title: What is the Dumple?
-Course Catalog Description (optional, but appreciated): This class is so full of crap, it makes me want to take a crap.
-Professor (full name): Fhqwhgads Hgnsdhjsdbhksd Abkfabkveybvf
-Term Taken:  Smarch 2002
-Was this a required course?
        Yes, for all students
-How would you characterize the sociopolitical bias in the lectures?  Excessive
Please supply details and examples that support your opinion:

This guy did nothing but vomit. I mean, he blew chunks all over the place! I thought he had some kind of disorder or something, but then I found out that he was demonstrating his bias towards the Regurgitation Party! They believe that vomiting is a constitutional right and is guaranteed to all citizens. He made us read stuff about how bulimia is a myth created by "digestives" to keep young women from expelling their stomach contents. The final exam made us analyze vomit samples! Oh, and he made racist comments toward the Yanagapa.
-How would you characterize the sociopolitical bias in the discussions? Objectionable    
Please supply details and examples that support your opinion and state who led discussions (prof or TA):

Discussion? The TA never even showed up. He always left a note telling us to f**k off and die. Of course, when somebody actually did f**k off and die, they sent the coroner in, and he ended up leading discussion for the next month. We never even talked about the Dumple. We did learn a lot about autopsies though. In one discussion, the coroner didn't even show up. We waited for 20 minutes, and then this little white thing with "Homsar" written on its shirt came in and said "I'm a song from the sixties" and then left! Then the room turned upside down!
-How would you characterize the sociopolitical bias in the readings?  Noticeable   
Please supply details and examples that support your opinion. (Also include what you believe to be the ratio of biased to unbiased assigned readings.):

We read this book, and it was all like, "dude, you have got to start drinking more!" and I was all like, "but dude, I don't drink!" and it was like, "come on, bra'! You gotta get f***in' wasted, dude!" And I was all like, "but Spukliukzik, I don't got no rubles!" and then I realized that I had replaced my morning coffee with antifreeze...everything's a bit hazy after that...STOP LOOKING AT ME, SWAN!!!!!!!
-Additional information or comments about the course (optional):

You really like to hear your own voice, don't ya? Well, you can hear your own voice when you're LIVIN' IN A VAN DOWN BY THE RIVER!!!!!!

This has been the first Form Fun form. I hope it made you laugh, but I also hope it made you think. About swans. Lots of 'em. Lined up for miles.... ... ... mmmm, swan. Form Fun will be making fun of more forms in the future. Now, go bake me a pie!
Welcome to Form Fun!
This is Form Fun. On this blog, I will be filling out online forms in unusual ways in order to make them look funny. I understand if you question my sanity after reading, but it's just for fun. If you're interested in knowing more about me...tough. All I'll say is that I go by the name of CD, and this is not the only thing I use BlogSpot for. I have a "serious" blog (which I won't name because I want to be separate from it), and another "joke" blog involving monkeys, which I also will not refer you to. If you do happen to know who I am, keep it to yourself or email me. Form Fun is just another way to abuse the Blogosphere.

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